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surprise and precision
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26th-Oct-2010 04:12 am - hi?
Um, hi guys...? Maybe you guys forgot about me, and I totally think all of my LJ friends vanished hahaha. I'm Seruni, that girl from Indonesia who used to be obsessed with JE and KPOP. I turned 17 last Saturday, hence my typing skills have improved (drastically) since my first entry (in 2006 HAHAHA). Oh, and I'm also currently dwelling in the IB program and it's my last year. Planning to go to London for university next year! Soo..this post was just to give some holla out there because believe it or not...I kinda miss talking to all of you! We should talk because I believe we are all different from what we were 3-4 years ago? Please do leave your comments so we could catch up! :)
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